Lean & Sassy Cookbook Bundle

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Make feeding your body the nutrients it needs as easy as possible with this Lean & Sassy Cookbook Bundle. You’ll get a selection tried and true recipes PLUS the 7 Day Meal Planner at no additional charge. The 7-day meal planner makes preparing these meals ahead of time a breeze and implementing the cookbook a snap.

No Need To Waste Time Figuring Out What You’re Having For Dinner

If you hate the time you waste trying to figure out what you’re having for dinner each night, the Lean & Sassy Cookbook bundle with 7 Day Meal Planner makes it a breeze. You do your shopping, prepping, and planning on a Saturday afternoon and then you just grab it and cook it as you need it. It’s that easy.

Makes Eating Healthier Budget Friendly

If you’re trying to eat healthily and you’re on a budget, the meal planner makes it easier. You only need to buy the ingredients a week at a time.


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