Our Mission: Heal the Family, Heal the World
Physical. Emotional. Spiritual.

If you’re like most women (& men), you work hard every day making a living, maintaining your household, your relationships, your kids and your body. But let’s face it- sometimes your body gets pushed to the back burner. You’re exhausted… you’re depleted… You know something needs to change. You know you were born for something better.

Then you look at your kids or grandkids. On some level you’re worried about them. They’re eating school lunches, a lot of processed food loaded with sugar and indulging in a lot of screen time. You’re seeing the statistics everywhere and it leaves you with an uneasy feeling. You feel sick inside, knowing your sweet child could fall prey to this modern-day horror we face; childhood obesity.

Here are the grim statistics:

1 in 4 American kids are obese
(3 out of 4 adults)

This is the first generation in the history of the world where children are NOT expected to outlive their parents in the 21st CENTURY!

Your child will likely be diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes BEFORE their 21st BIRTHDAY!!

“Let the journey to health start with you…”

Standards Of Excellence

Sassy Grass® is grown on certified organic farms located on an ancient sea bed. Over the millennia, this sea has filled and evaporated many times over. As a result, the soil has become extremely rich in a rare abundance of nutrients and trace mineral deposits that have, over millions of years, washed down from the surrounding mountains and settled on the sea bed floor where our crops are now grown. In addition, the water used to irrigate these farms is local and is also rich in nutrients and trace mineral content.

Sassy Grass greens are gently harvested at their peak nutritional potency and are quickly carried to the nearby processing plant. There the crops are immediately cold pressed and gently dried to retain the plant’s color, flavor, aroma, and high nutrient and live enzyme content.

The drying process is unlike that used in any other green powder product. Sassy Grass® goes through a proprietary, gentle, low-temperature drying process. This process ensures the most complete, nutrient-rich powders that are far superior to any other green power on the market at any price.

Our powders have been Independently tested at a local agricultural university. The test results showed that our reconstituted powders tested nearly identical to freshly juiced plants in live enzyme count, nutrient count, aroma, color, and taste.

You Won’t Find a More Powerful Superfood Supplement Anywhere!

Sustainable Packaging

1 Bottle of Sassy Grass

Dear Sassy-Grasser,

Sometimes people think that because Sassy Grass is packaged in a vintage-looking mason jar that we made it in our kitchen.
I have to laugh….

The only thing true about this is that Sassy Grass is as fresh as something made in my kitchen… (and that’s saying a lot!) but that’s about it.

We’ve intentionally packaged Sassy Grass in a mason jar for 3 reasons:

1- We love the way it looks! (Don’t you think it sets us apart from the fakes?)

2- We figured that if we were going to be selling millions of bottles of Sassy Grass each year, then we didn’t want to be responsible for that much plastic ending up in our oceans or landfills. So…

3- We made something you could love, re-use and find delight in!

So feel free to repurpose your sweet, little mason jar for drink-ware, crafty-DIY’s or home-canning delicious food!

This is our gift to you!


Shiloah Jordan & Team Sassy!

P.S. Did you know that home-canning is really on the rise? You should try it some time. 🙂