Q: How do I use Sassy Grass®?
In our home we like to mix Sassy Grass in water and drink it straight or with our favorite green smoothie.

To drink it straight I recommend starting with less than a full serving if you’re new to green drink. Over time increase your serving size as you become more accustomed to the taste and benefits. As your body starts to adapt to the new healthy standard, you will find you actually desire a stronger mix.

Mix Sassy grass in 16 oz of fresh water (I like 32 oz) and a couple of ice cubes, then enjoy your cool refreshing treat.

Adding Sassy Grass to a vegetable or fruit smoothie is a great meal replacement and also provides your body with needed fiber for a healthy intestinal tract.

Q: Will Sassy Grass® affect my allergies?
Sassy Grass is 100% allergen free with no other ingredients than those listed. Our ingredients are all organic and non-GMO. Our crops are family grown so we know exactly what goes into our product.

Some people see wheat grass and are concerned about gluten. Since we use only the young grasses of the cereal grain plants, our Sassy Grass powder is 100% gluten free.

Q: How should I store Sassy Grass®?
Store unopened jars in the freezer to keep the contents fresh. Once opened the jar can be placed in the refrigerator. Keeping your Sassy Grass in a cool place, out of direct light will extend the shelf-life and freshness.
Q: I’m pregnant, is it safe to use Sassy Grass®?
Legally we cannot advise you about your diet during pregnancy. If you are concerned about taking Sassy Grass while pregnant you should consult your doctor.