Wanna Lose Weight & Feel
10 Years Younger In A Hurry?



You'll See The Difference Within The First 21 Days of Drinking Sassy Grass!

1 Bottle of Sassy Grass
  • Rapid FAT-LOSS!
  • Glowing SKIN!
  • Awesome SLEEP!
  • Better Overall Health!


What in the World is
Sassy Grass?

  • THE NAME SAYS IT ALL... It's grass- with a little Sass! Except not the kind you get from your lawn mower! It's grown locally, on organic farms, from non-GMO seeds, in nutrient-rich soil of an ancient sea bed.
  • WHY THIS MAKES LIFE EASIER FOR YOU: It's just like going down to your local juice bar and getting a shot of pure green sunshine- (but a lot cheaper and a whole lot more convenient !!)
  • WE'RE THE VEGGIE YOU CAN'T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE! We figured grocery stores, farmers markets and home gardeners have acquiring the tabletop veggies down part.
  • WE BRING TO THE WORLD THE "OTHER VEGGIES" that are hard to come by. That's why the nickname for Sassy Grass is "liquid-gold". Now you finally have access to quality green juice right at your fingertips in the convenience of your own home.
Wheat Grass

"Improve your health & cheer your soul! That's what we're all about!"

Here are the Ingredients that Everyone's Talking About:

  • Wheatgrass
  • Barley grass
  • Alfalfa (yes, the same kind cows eat)
  • Oat grass
  • Roots- Beets & Carrots
  • Bluegreen Algae (gently harvested off the cold waters of Upper Klamath Lake, in Oregon- ooh la la..! )
  • And that's it! No fillers, sweeteners, chemicals or additives. We're bona fied... this stuff is legit!

"Within the first month of drinking Sassy
Grass, I couldn't believe how clear my eyes
and skin became!"
-Stephanie, PA
Part-time student & Hair dresser

Save Your Health In Only 60 Seconds Per Day! 

Why Do I Need Sassy Grass?

You Need Sassy Grass If...

  • You've tried other weight loss methods with no success
  • Your previous weight loss attempts didn't last worth a hoot... and you gained all the weight right back!
  • You have other health problems and need to lose the weight FAST or else you'll be in double trouble!!
  • You're finally ready to explore a more gentle, natural lifestyle solution.
Woman with diet soda can

Try the Sassy Grass Lifestyle and watch the weight fall off!
We'll show you how...

"My life transformed...!
Sassy Grass helped me get my health and body back after 3 kids. I lost 40 lbs. while following the Baby My Body™ plan. I found HOPE again! My success motivated my husband to lose his belly. He went from a pants size 40" to a 32 inch."
-Natasha, CA stay-at-home mom
& small business owner

Woman Sitting Down Testimonial

"Is Acid Making You Fat?"
You need Sassy Grass to help balance your pH so you can lose weight...and KEEP IT OFF FOR GOOD!!.

Scientific Factoid #1:

Acidosis is when your body fluids contain too much acid.
A healthy pH level is between 7 to 7.4 (more on the alkaline side)
When your pH drops below a healthy range, disease sets in and your body gains weight to protect your vital organs from the acid & toxins.

Optimal pH Balance

Here are 4 things you can do immediately to obliterate acidosis: (aka pain, weight gain, hormone imbalance, mood disorders & more)

  • Flush out toxins from your cells daily with alkaline-rich, green juice - Sassy Grass is an excellent source for this and is quick, easy & cost effective!
  • Avoid sugar like the plague! Watch out for disguises (any fructose-ish sounding name.)
  • Get some rest - take naps if needed and sleep like a bear at night. Sassy Grass will help clean your cells and you may actually be able to accomplish this... yay!
  • Calm down - De-stress your life. Learn to say "no" by becoming an essentialist- embracing the idea of 'less is more', including social/work engagements, extra-curricular activities for the kids, etc. (If you get any slack, tell them "Shiloah said so..." Then give your insides a big hug with a large glass of Sassy Grass.

Sassy Grass Was Rated #1 In The World For Alkalizing pH!

If you're like most people, you work hard everyday making a living, maintaining your household, your relationships, your kids and your body. But let's face it- sometimes your body gets pushed to the back burner. You're exhausted... you're depleted... You know something needs to change. You know you were born for something greater.


"...green is the new black. Ok, it's really the new healthy!"

Who is a Great Candidate for Trying Sassy Grass?
People who are AWESOME
and smart and know,
"IT'S ALL IN THE GREENS, Baby!"... and those who want to LOSE WEIGHT, BALANCE pH & FEEL BETTER!

Happy Family Sassy Grass Jar

Sassy Grass is safe for everyone! Including folks with gluten sensitivity, seniors, teens, children, pregnant & lactating women. (In fact, it can help with milk production.)

"It's as safe as eating a green salad everyday!"

*Note: We're not doctors- so of course you will want to check with your doctor before starting any new supplement product, nutrition or weight loss plan, including
Baby My Body™ (Subscribe and learn more at ShiloahJordan.com).


Here's My Story...

Shiloah Jordan

-Shiloah Jordan, Founder of Sassy Grass, Inc. &
Baby My Body™

"I lost 15 lbs. in 8 weeks practically effortlessly, and my energy went through the roof! (Ask my friends!) Simultaneously, my husband shed 30 lbs while living the Sassy Grass lifestyle! I felt like it was an answer to prayer."

I'm the mother of five, sweet, sometimes-mischievous-little-angles. After my fourth baby was born, I could NOT shake the weight! I tried everything including counting the dreaded calorie, omitting carbs, etc...
My energy was in the toilet and I was suffering from adrenal fatigue. I was at the point where I really needed answers. Then after much weight loss and health tribulation, I discovered the beautiful and harmonious recipe for what is today known as Sassy Grass.

Sassy Grass is your GREEN SUPERFOOD in a Mason Jar!

What to expect as you release toxins from your cells:

Here's what will happen when you first start drinking Sassy Grass- Since I suspect you are not currently drinking anything this healthy, be prepared to allow your beautiful body to flush out any surface toxins. Give it 3 days to get past this initial cleansing phase. You'll probably feel most comfortable at home... snuggled in a fuzzy blanket... on the couch... with your favorite book or movie... You deserve it! It's time to love and honor thyself... Then you'll feel great!

"Sassy Grass changed my life...I'll never go a day without it for as long as I live." - Barry M.

"I have a new lease on life! Before Sassy Grass my life had been turned upside-down due to poor health. I was unable to concentrate at work and I felt like my life was spinning out of control. Three months of being on Sassy Grass and following what I learned in Baby My Body™ has helped me take my life back. I am a new woman! Thank you Sassy Grass!"
- Gina, FL - CPA

Woman in old jeans showing weight loss

Neutralize Heartburn & Speed Up Metabolism
with an abundance of Live Enzymes

Scientific Factoid #2:

Enzymes are vital for life! They serve a wide range of biological functions in the body including aiding in digestion and speeding up metabolism.

Human Body Internals

"Lab tests show an almost identical enzyme count between freshly pressed grass juice and reconstituted Sassy Grass powder!"

Our patented, state-of-the-art, spray-drying process gently, I mean ever-so-gently, dries the freshly pressed juice into this exquisite powder- keeping 99% of the LIVE ENZYMES in tact! (BTW, this is remarkable and practically unheard of in the green powder industry! You need those enzymes to help alleviate heartburn & digest food- Your tummy will thank you...!)


  • Accelerates Excess Fat Loss
  • Helps Balance Hormones
Wheat Grass

Chlorophyll-Infused; ENERGY FROM THE SUN
The Ancients called it the "blood purifier"

Scientific Factoid #3:
Oxygen-rich blood promotes these health benefits:
- Clear Thinking
- Healthy Heart
- Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
- More Energy
- Healthy Weight
- Mood Elevation
- Clear Skin & More...

Sassy Grass is Oxygen-Rich &
Gives You A Natural Energy Boost

When is the Best Time of Day to Drink Sassy Grass if I Want to Lose Weight or Detox?

  • Step 1: If you're trying to lose weight like I was, the best time to drink your Sassy is first thing in the morning before you drink or consume anything else. This gently awakens your beautiful body and gives you a chance to calmly "break" your "fast" aka breakfast. This method is pure gold and is exactly what your body craves- whether you know it or not. Note: My first meal is usually around 11-noon. I like to spend my mornings flushing out yesterday's toxins (with lemon water, tea & Sassy-G) and giving my digestive system a chance to rest and to heal.
  • (Learn more at ShiloahJordan.com )
Shiloah Jordan With Sassy Grass Smoothie

Shiloah Jordan, Founder of Sassy Grass, Inc. &
Baby My Body™ (and mother of five)

"Whither thou goest... I will go."
-Sassy Grass to Confucius

Where Can I Drink
Sassy Grass?

  • Office / Job-site, Work
  • PTA Meetings / College
  • Bingo Night / Play
  • Road Trips / Business Travel
  • In-laws / Holidays
  • Workouts / Yoga
  • Sports / Outdoor Recreation
1 Bottle of Sassy Grass
  • Meditation / Church
  • Hospitalization
  • Recovery / Surgery

Expect ONLY THE BEST from Sassy Grass

Fresh... from field to table

We cherish our farmers. Sassy Grass is always sourced locally & organically. We NEVER import our ingredients because we believe
fresh is best!
We're dedicated to bringing you the highest quality cereal grasses the earth has to offer and know you are placing your good health in our hands; THANK YOU!

Shiloah Jordan

Essential Vitamins, Minerals & Amino-Acids

Just you and your best friend... Fueled by the Power of
Sassy Grass...
...great for cell recovery & hydration!

Sassy Grass: The Nutrients You Can't Get From Your Grocery Store Produce!





1 Bottle

1 Bottle of Sassy Grass

You Save 28%
subscription price
(one-time purchase $69.95 + shipping)
MSRP $79.95 Each 

Yes, make this a monthly subscription and send me 1 bottle each month for only $57.95/mth + shipping

100% Guarantee

3 Bottles

3 Bottles of Sassy Grass

You Save 38%
(only $49.98 each)
MSRP $239.95

Yes, make this a monthly subscription and send me 3 bottles each month for only $149.95/mth
100% Guarantee

6 Bottles


You Save 48%
(only $41.65 each)
MSRP $479.90

Yes, make this a monthly subscription and send me 6 bottles each month for only $249.95/mth
100% Guarantee

How Do I Get My Sassy On?

Hang on Friend! First you gotta place your order
Then here's where the magic begins...

Below are my 3 favorite ways of consuming your soon-to-be

  • The 1st way: Mix your Sassy powder in clean, fresh, cold water. This is Sassy Grass in her naked, with nothing but the taste of freshly juiced grass... a calming, earthy-grassy taste. If you like a sweeter taste, Stevia is a healthy option. Note: In the mornings, I always drink Sassy Grass in room temp water. Then throughout the day I may have it in ice water depending on the weather.
  • The 2nd way: Super-charge your smoothie with an extra boost of vitamins and minerals; a fruit smoothie, a green smoothie or anything else you can think of. The beauty of Sassy Grass is that it's the SUPER FOOD right at your fingertips, that you can't find at the grocery store. It's a beautiful thing! This is the REASON YOU NEED SASSY GRASS in your diet, because you can't GET THESE NUTRIENTS from your grocery-store produce.
Sassy Grass Smoothie
  • The 3rd way: If you want to get creative, sprinkle a scoop of Sassy Grass over your salad! Pure deliciousness!!! (is that even a word??)
  • If you're on this page, you most likely signed up for my famous Sassy-Skinny Smoothie Recipe. If you missed that part, scroll up to the top and enter your info to receive the recipe via email- it's FREE!

Here's What Other "Sassy-Grassers" Are Saying

"I tried Sassy Grass and loved it! I'm normally a picky eater so I wasn't sure about the taste of drinking green juice and going all healthy. It took about 10 days for my taste buds to acquire a taste for fresh grass, but now I FEEL SO GOOD, I'll NEVER GO BACK!"

-Pam, Retiree & Sassy-Grasser!

Older Woman With Tape Measure

Images changed to protect identity.


* Endorsements and Testimonials Are NOT Paid

"Because of Sassy Grass, I was able to lose weight and I'm now addicted to feeling healthy!"

-Jill Lee

"My friends and adult children wonder where I am getting my new found energy!"

-John Jepson

"Sassy Grass is a better alternative to mealtimes at the office."

-John Parkes

"Sassy Grass has made it so I can be a better mommy to my kids and a girlfriend to my husband."

-Haley Jenson

P.S. Here's another bonus you get with EVERY JAR OF SASSY GRASS...


If you love D.I.Y., Pinterest
or home canning,
you're gonna love
re-purposing this adorable, little mason jar your
Sassy Grass comes in! 😉
I know... it's a chick thing.

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1 Bottle

1 Bottle of Sassy Grass

You Save 28%
subscription price
(one-time purchase $69.95 + shipping)
MSRP $79.95 Each 

Yes, make this a monthly subscription and send me 1 bottle each month for only $57.95/mth + shipping

100% Guarantee

3 Bottles

3 Bottles of Sassy Grass

You Save 38%
(only $49.98 each)
MSRP $239.95

Yes, make this a monthly subscription and send me 3 bottles each month for only $149.95/mth
100% Guarantee

6 Bottles


You Save 48%
(only $41.65 each)
MSRP $479.90

Yes, make this a monthly subscription and send me 6 bottles each month for only $249.95/mth
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